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The Elegant look of hardwood can dramatically transform the look of any room


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Design the perfect interior you’ve always wanted without selection of high-quality carpets

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The stylish and affordable alternative to real hardwood


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Inspiring, delighting and functional: the best elements if a room with tile flooring

About Prestigio Floor Inc.

At Prestigio Floor Inc, we are specialist who offer the best customer services , the best cost to install tile, and the best quality flooring supplies in the market. We partner with the biggest manufacturers in the world to be able to provide an extensive range of products at the best prices in the market. We also have exclusive products just for our company.

Flooring is a great process to immediately upgrade the overall appearance and texture of the home and offer it a fresh style. Floors is one of the most obvious and significant areas of any house or company.

In addition, we also offer flooring installation service. We have one of the best installation teams in the country. Wood flooring is one of the best kinds of flooring we know the ins and out of how to refinish old hardwood floors. We offer a service that we can start installing within 48 hours of the purchase time if the materials are in the warehouse. Any re engineering hardwood projects can take up to two weeks to manufacturer.  

Our Specialty Cork Flooring

It is the main ingredient within this flooring merchandise, together with a couple distinct items dependent on the manufacture. Cork is presently earning a comeback for a flooring material as it is a great texture that changes the entire feel of a room and could possibly be utilized in several of diverse places and is one of our main types of floor tiles. Cork flooring does not have a lot of maintenance involved with it and is aesthetically appealing since it’s offered in a variety of colors and styles. It is one of the most durable flooring products in the marketplace nowadays and is extremely suited to the surroundings and you’ll shortly understand the main reason this item is quite common. Cork is also eco-friendly as it doesn’t pollute the surroundings at all.

Cork flooring is visually attractive as it’s offered in many colors and styles. It’s offered in various artificial and natural colors. It offers a better grip when walking instead of tiles that are inclined to become slippery. It appears different than many and provides a very distinctive appearance that some people like and others don’t. It’ll be an ideal option for kitchen flooring. Synthetic cork is a fantastic option if you would like an excellent alternative to the conventional top-quality winery cork and cork kitchen flooring is one of the many sorts of kitchen floor coverings you can use and among the strongest.

Our Hardwood Flooring

There’s absolutely no doubt that wood floors brings a feeling of pure elegance and a warm welcoming glow to any dwelling. Although there may be a slightly more expensive cost to install hardwood floors, they are guaranteed to last a  while with proper care.Hardwood floors are natural so it attracts a natural earthy setting within your space which is something which artificial flooring just can’t match – there’s nothing about the sense of wood which can not be replicated in a factory and it’s been stated that installing solid hardwood floors in your home is an excellent investment that will keep its value with time. Hardwoods in all of their variety of colors and styles won’t ever go out of style.


Our Extended Variety

You’re going to be able to detect something to mimic nearly every types of floor tiles you desire. Tile comes in virtually every shape and color available, meaning homeowners may locate tile which can go with pretty much any wall color potential. We have vinyl tiles which arrive in a diverse selection of colors and patterns and you’ll locate the flooring in a lot of colors. For this type of flooring it is always best to hire a specialist to perform the job for you. We also have bamboo hardwood flooring, which  is the best alternative for an extremely durable, powerful flooring. It can resist the abuse and use that animals and kids can provide. It may even withstand the fall of a pan from the kitchen in addition to high traffic areas like living rooms and hallways. Several kinds of floors may produce different moods, but this floor is made from pure ingredients. You’re able to decide on the sort of flooring you would like and we are sure to have a reasonable floor tiles price per sqft that you can enjoy that will last you an extended amount of time.